Our brand

Created in 2016, Bonjour François is a brand of textiles made in France which are manufactured in social and inclusive ateliers, offered with or without customization. Since the first prototype made in an ESAT (specials centers providing care through employment for disabled people) in 2017 and the first sales in early 2018 of promotional cotton bags, what a long way we have come!


Pieces sewn in France since 2017

We proudly claim our responsible commitments: the challenges are many and our motivation is endless. Since 2016, we have been working to offer our customers ethical products, full of meaning and values.


Environmental commitments

  • Due to the basic nature of our products, which are sustainable alternatives to other polluting, often non-recyclable packaging or communication solutions.
  • The deployment of our network of ateliers on the French territory allows us to privilege short circuits, and to be as close as possible to our customers.
  • The fabrics we use are all certified.


Social commitments

  • All the steps of our production are Made in France.
  • Our network of sewing workshops is made up of ESAT (specials centers providing care through employment for disabled people) also Inclusive Enterprise that helps the long-term unemployed rejoin the working world.

Adapted or integration ateliers mobilized throughout the country

BF bags

François – Founder of Bonjour François


Genesis The challenge of a cotton bag made in France and initially intended for the promotional market came to me curiously during a trip to one of my suppliers abroad in 2015. He took me to one of his factories and told me about a distant journey he had made in what we now call the Hauts-de-France region. He was surprised to learn that almost all the spinning mills he had visited at the time had disappeared. For him, our country has been and will remain the model of quality and elegance in Couture in all its forms. He was very sorry that we had lost this jewel of our industry and the reputation that followed it in all countries of the world. His face lit up when he quoted me the names of those great couturiers he had learned as a child: Saint-Laurent, Cardin, Vuitton, Lacroix, Dior, Givenchy, Gaultier…

I humbly confess that I have been obsessed with this issue for some time now and that this visit was a trigger. And why wouldn’t I try to launch a line of products made in France? Aren’t I surrounded by enough talent in my start-up, don’t I have enough ideas, quality raw materials, market knowledge to take up this challenge? Another question I was wondering: what would be this value that I would add that would make a difference with the dangerous and polluting imported products that still flood the market today? The answer seemed obvious, combining French manufacturing and inclusivity!

All these elements led me to create in 2016 the brand Bonjour François. The base line La French Confection, reminds us, Anglicism required, that the economy has largely globalized and that French is no longer, to this day, the language of diplomacy and business. But we also have the ambition to promote our brand and the quality of French clothing internationally.

The challenge, launched since the beginning of this adventure, is to bring together in the same project, French know-how, quality products, ecological awareness and strong social commitment, all while guaranteeing competitive prices. Buying or offering our products means sharing our values and taking part in this challenge to promote French AND inclusive manufacturing.

And that is all Bonjour François is ! Quite simply.

Inclusive employments supported by our French production

Internal skills

  • Sales department
  • Sales administration
  • Logistics managment
  • Graphic and digital studio
  • Style and design


  • Brands
  • Reseller prices
  • Blank products
  • Customized products
  • Stock and production on demand

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Some realizations

realization méritis


Manufacturing and personalization of 1000 tote-bags François in silkscreen printing recto 3 colors.
realization BF DNS event

Design a New Style

Manufacturing and personalization of 500 tote-bags François in silkscreen printing recto 1 color.
Realization full com aquinatis


Manufacturing and personalization of 200 tote-bags François in silkscreen printing recto 3 colors.
Realization Pub Consulting

Pub Consulting

Manufacturing and personalization of 500 tote-bags François in silkscreen printing recto 2 colors.